Rides - Landing Pool

Manasa Amusement & Water Park has a spacious Landing pool where adults and teenagers can enjoy their maximum. There are many slides set around the Landing Pool. 108" River ride, 27" Crazy Cruise Wave and Body Slide are some of the slides to name a few.

Typhoon Tunnel (54" black hole) also called Tubular Slide swirls you in a black enclosed tunnel from a height of 30 feet with twists and turns. Take a ride down the black hole on a single of double tube as you try and hold black screams of excitement through every mysterious twist and turn. Here people can experience the maximum thrill.

River Ride Slide at Manasa Amusement & Water Park is the most popular slide in the park where the entire family can slide together in a single float.

Open Slide (72" yellow coloured slide) makes you sit on a twin or single raft down gushing water for a giggling experience.

Crazy Cruise (27" red coloured slides) comes at an unimaginable speed an unimaginable height straight into the pool with splashing water all over.

In each of these slides, people will be coming from a height of 35 feet and 65 feet and will be landing in the landing pool in 1 minute time with a splash in the pool.