Cozy Stay - Trip Tips  

Vacations are supposed to be fun, not stressful. With a little planning, you can make sure that everybody has a great time.  We’ve got some general information that will help you get the majority out of your travel in India/Karnataka.

Planning your trip:

Plan your vacation according to the prevailing weather conditions. A 1-2 day break for relaxation after every 7 days of traveling, giving you time for a well-deserved rest and laundry! While planning journeys use an easy hub and spoke principle. Keep the major city as your base and plan two day trips to destinations close by where you could fly or drive in a taxi.

What to Pack:

A general rule to follow is to travel light as it will reduce the burden of carrying your baggage with you while traveling extensively which gives you enough of room to carry back souvenirs. If you’re on an adventure holiday- don’t forget mosquito repellent!

Budgeting for your trip:

This is basic if you can get as much information as possible in advance. Remember to check if the information provided to you is current and never forget to carry a generous supply of small denominations for vendors, taxis and a host of little expenses that have a habit of cropping up.

Dining Out:

Dakshina Kannada offers a variety of dining options catering to a variety of tastes. You will find a variety of cuisine to choose.


Dakshina Kannada is a rewarding terrain for the souvenir hunters, and most items here combine good design, marvelous colour and elegant usefulness.